Stairway lighting ideas for modern home

stair lighting

“We’ve already discussed staircases on numerous occasions but each time the focus was on the staircase alone, its design, material, style, etc. The stairway lighting got lost along the way so we decided this time to focus on that element alone. Here are a few examples of stairway lighting for modern and contemporary interiors.

One option would be to have some lights built into the wall adjacent to the staircase. Depending on the size of your staircase, 3 or 4 lights should be enough. In this case, the rectangular shape of the lights matches the design of the staircase and integrates seamlessly into the whole décor.

This is a similar example, but in this case the lights are larger. But, of course, the design of the staircase is not the same either. This one is made of wood and has a more robust look so the dimensions of the lights were also chosen to match that detail.

This is another type of staircase lights. These ones can be installed on the wall and they have a design that obstructs lights and only lets it out from four small spaces. This makes them look like little stars. They are subtle and chic and they match the whole sleek design of the stairway.

This is a staircase with similar lights. Here they’re been placed closer together and they have smaller dimensions. They’re like tiny stars illuminating the stairs. They might be small but they provide sufficient light during the night and they’re also placed close together so this helps too.


In this case the lights used are similar to those presented earlier in the sense that they are small but strong. However, here they’ve been installed in the stairs themselves. Each step has one small light on the surface and another one underneath so that the image they create is symmetrical and similar when seen from above or from underneath.

Another option for staircase lighting is to integrate the lights into the stairs. It’s an option that allows you to save some space but, more importantly, that is both practical and stylish. It’s something that most contemporary homes opt for and it goes well with minimalist interiors.

This is another example of a staircase with LED lighting. It’s an energy-efficient strategy that also improves the design. Here the lights are small and they’re installed on every other step. They match the spotlights from the ceiling and they create a stylish and uniform look.

And there’s also a fourth type of staircase lighting that we want to show you. These stairs are lit from underneath. The light is blurry and subtle and only visible in the small portion that separates the staircase from the adjacent wall.

This is a similar system but with stronger lights. In this case, there’s also a strong contrast that is created between the bright light and the dark portion of the stairs. The light emanated is bright but also subtle and warm featuring a yellow shade that matches the walls and the overall interior décor of that area.

A similar system can be used to light the stairs from behind. Here the stairs feature a semi-transparent portion and the light coming from behind gets through and illuminates the stairs. The effect is glowing and chic and the light is subtle but strong enough. Also, the effect is slightly different for each step.

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