3 Spring Cleaning Activities for your home (to keep your electrics safe).

Electricity Audit

Winter in Queensland generally isn’t anything to write home about. No snow or ice. But regardless of the temperature outside, once the winter months pass there are three things you should put on your home spring cleaning list before summer usage starts to put pressure on your home electrical systems.

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Audit your usage and your home

If you have halogen downlights, consider swapping them to LED lights to reduce your energy consumption. Check your home for blown lightbulbs by walking around your home and switching them on and off and replacing any that need it. Check out your electricity bill from last year, is it higher or lower than in previous years? Are there ways you can reduce your home’s consumption? Consider connecting with a licensed electrician to conduct a comprehensive energy audit to identify potential issues in your home.

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Water Damage or External Powerpoint Corrosion

 Lighting and switches located on the external walls and ceilings can be subject to the elements and as a result, can degrade over time. Have you noticed bulbs that have exploded? Check your outdoor fittings for broken or blown bulbs, or evidence of rust and corrosion. If you replace a bulb and it blows quickly, inspects the socket for rust (if you can see it has eaten into the metal) call a licensed electrician to replace it.

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Pest or Rodent Wiring Damage

Have you noticed electrical shorting in your home? Perhaps your outlets are not working like they used to? Are you up to date on your pest inspections? The cooler temperatures can be a cause for rodents and pests to move indoors (often into your roof and walls). The issue is that they can damage wiring in these areas which can both create a fire hazard among a host of other things. If you have noticed any of these things, connect with a licensed electrician to identify and correct the issue.

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Ground loop (electricity)

Ground loop (electricity)