Automated Worlds : The Latest in Home Automation

The daily grind just got lighter and more luxurious. Imagine turning on your crockpot two hours before you leave work using your smart phone or tablet. Few gadgets can’t be controlled by this new technology.

It’s known as Internet of things, and the list of devices turned off or on, or fine-tuned by internet connections is ever growing. There are several brands available some are controlled by voice commands others require text inputs.

The hubs or controllers can turn on security cameras and give you a live feed to your phone or tablet. Alexa and echo are quite popular at the moment. You simply say Alexa turn the thermostat to 72, and the task is completed.

Logitech has its version called Harmony Elite, and it connects with almost everything including infrared appliances. It is commonly called the universal remote, and it’s all push-button, not voice controlled.

Wink Hub 2 has made its home base with plans for the future included. This baby connects and controls nearly every device in the spectrum. Cameras, speakers, lighting there seem to be no limits with this one, and it as a great track record for dependability.

You can add indoor camera surveillance with LG smart cameras or outdoor with Nest Cam. Apple’s smart lock overrides the deadbolt with a command from your phone to allow access as you deem necessary. Simply safe is a widely used home security system that is easy to set up you and has rave reviews. It does not include a camera though.

You can now bake or charbroil your favourite meal before you get home, and clean up the droppings with your automated robot. Just push a button, or give the command and all that’s left to do is enjoy it.

When it comes to the great outdoors, you can mow your lawn and water your plants without ever leaving the couch. What else could anyone want?