Benefits of Solar Power in Brisbane

We all recognise that it’s a necessity to utilise our valuable resources efficiently. Queensland has the highest number of solar power installations in the country with 400,000 + households and small businesses becoming part of the solution and joining the renewable energy network. In the Brisbane area over 30% of households enjoy the benefits of solar power.

Why? Because it’s sunny! According to the BOM, Brisbane enjoys an average of 6-8hrs of daily sunshine annually. Think about how much clean energy blazes onto your roof on a balmy summer’s day. Recognising the utility of all that sun, electricity retailers in Brisbane offer competitive Market Feed-in Tariff rates allowing new customers to shop around for a deal best suited to their circumstances.

There are many factors to consider when deciding on the best solar system for your home or business. There can be a huge variation between poor and high quality solar panels and the size of your solar system should directly correlate to your household/business usage. The largest, most costly of systems may not be the best for you. Consulting an expert installer to advise on your particular requirements is as important as negotiating your tariff rates with your retailer.

Renewable energy is undoubtedly in our future, with affordability and reliability constantly improving. Just as Solar PV costs have significantly reduced in recent years, battery storage systems will become an increasingly common sight in Queensland’s solar households. Hugely beneficial, these systems capture and store the excess solar power you generate during the day for use in the evenings and/or during extreme weather events. Clean energy can still be sold back to the grid when needed and continue to assist in keeping power costs down for everyone.

People may be surprised to learn there are many ways to access solar power that may not require any money upfront. It’s well worth putting some research into Solar Power Purchase Agreements, Solar Leasing, Solar as a Service and the financing options that are available to us today. As with most new technologies, there comes a time to move forward and leave old methods behind, be sure to secure your place in the future of solar.

BLOG SOURCE : Former Brisbane Electricians Positive Power