Choosing The Right Electrical Retailer – You Have The Power!

In Queensland, there are around 1.6 million residential and 200,000+ commercial electricity consumers. That’s a lot of power to supply. 2007 saw that electricity customers were able to choose their electrical retailer. Prior to this, customers were directly billed by Energex. Energex now looks after distribution services; meter reads, fault repairs and supply, while consumers are billed by their chosen retailer.

One of the benefits of living in the big smoke is the option to shop around when choosing your electrical provider. Each retailer has various offers you can choose between that are suitable for differing types of Brisbane homes and businesses.

What kinds of electricity contracts and savings are available?

Retail electricity prices in South East Queensland were deregulated in 2016, so customers in the Energex network service area will increasingly have more choice.

There are effectively two retail contract types available. A market retail offer and a standard or standing retail offer.

Market retail offers are often the most competitive as they’re set by the retailer. They have the flexibility to offer you further discounts, fixed prices, and incentives. Some offers may include pay-on-time discounts or greater discounts for direct debit accounts. You may find various attractive Green Power options or solar feed-in tariffs. They are also subject to change without notice.

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Standard retail offers, or standing offers, are more like the old regulated contracts when state governments set the recommended kilowatt per hour pricing. Prices may not be competitive with market offers and there are no discounts applicable. Benefits are limits on price increases and a certain amount of time you have to pay a bill before your service might be disconnected; but generally speaking, these contracts are usually in the place where someone hasn’t moved house for many years.

Consumers should regularly compare companies to ensure you get the best deal for your needs. Power contracts are lucrative, so these companies want your business. You may be able to negotiate a more suitable arrangement with your current supplier; but if they won’t budge and you can save dollars elsewhere, do it!

How to compare and choose your Brisbane Electricity Retailer

Did you know there are nine energy retailers currently operating under the Energex network?

  • EnergyAustralia
  • Origin Energy
  • Lumo Energy
  • Australian Power Gas
  • AGL
  • Click Energy
  • Power Direct
  • TRU Energy
  • Integral Energy

Most providers promote their deals on their websites or you can contact their sales teams. Alternatively, the Government has a handy free comparison site to help you search for energy offers in your areas

There are also numerous independent comparison companies online, some of which will handle the switch if you choose to change providers.

Advice from your trusted electrician in Brisbane is always recommended as they should be up to speed with the current market trends and also be able to give you pointers or pricing on changes and alterations that can be made in your own home.