Is it time to clean your airconditioner filters?

Air Conditioner Filters Installation and service

Air Conditioner Installation and service

Is it time to clean your filters?

The world health organisation suggests ‘Microbial pollution is a key element of indoor air pollution. It is caused by hundreds of species of bacteria and fungi, in particular, filamentous fungi (mould), growing indoors when sufficient moisture is available’ and its true. Here at Brisbane Electrical, we are finding that the general public is becoming progressively more and more acutely aware of the risks mould growth in their homes and in the filters of their air conditioners.

We all know to be healthy, you need to drink clean water, eat fresh food and breath purified air. Your air conditioners filter is designed to keep the air circulating through it, clean. Unfortunately, particularly here in Brisbane, air conditioners provide the perfect conditions for mould and mildew to grow. When at rest those nasties can multiply on the residual moisture inside the unit and take up residence in your filter. If they are not removed from your filters, when you switch your unit back on those spores will be sent out into your home and can trigger reactions illness and sickness (and for those venerable) land them in hospital in a serious condition.

To make matters worse a build-up of mould can also cause damage to your unit, creating blockages in drains or breaking down the surface under its location and has the ability to spread throughout other surfaces in your home causing damage to wall and ceilings. Once you have mould in your air conditioning system it can be extremely difficult to remove, so preventing build up is essential with regularly scheduled maintenance to keep your unit clean and your home healthy.

If you notice a musky smell, are concerned about the growth of mould and fungi or you have never had your air conditioners filters cleaned before, call us for a FREE quote and enjoy peace of mind, with Brisbane Electrical.