Guideline of Testing Your Smoke Alarms

You can’t put a price on you or your family, so you need to ensure you are safe and all safety devices are in correct working order, such as your smoke alarms.  Did you know, your smoke alarms actually expire??? Yes that’s right, and we have a quick schedule on how to upkeep your smoke alarm in your home.  

Firstly, Once a month

Test your smoke alarm batteries every month, by pressing and holding the test button for at least five seconds until it starts making a beeping sound.  If it beeps, great it’s in working order. If it doesn’t beep, then it may mean you need to change the battery. Your smoke alarms should have a green light, in the chance there is no green light or beeping when you have tried to perform the test, please call your electrician to come out to inspect and replace the smoke alarm as soon as possible.

Every 6 months

Along with testing the smoke alarm, we recommend you vacuum the dust off your smoke alarms or wipe them down every six months.

Keeping your smoke alarm free of particles will help reduce false alarms and ensure smoke can easily reach the internal sensor. You will be surprised at the amount of dust particles you will find throughout your smoke alarm. You want to ensure that your smoke alarm is cleared from any dust, tested correctly and in working order every six months.

Every year

Replace the alkaline batteries every 12 months. It’s a must!

Assistance with battery replacement may be available in some circumstances. It’s always good to place the date of when you will be changing the battery of the smoke alarm in your dairy. Get the family involved, replace the battery on a birthday, it will become a novelty and it will give you a change to retouch on the importance of a working smoke alarm, and what to do in the chance of a fire in your home.  

Every 10 years

Replace all smoke alarms with new 10-year lithium powered, photoelectric smoke alarms every ten years, or earlier if specified by the manufacturer. Here’s a link of what the smoke alarm battery expiry date is located to give you an idea.  Smoke alarm legislations may have changed in the last 10 years, so make sure you call your local electrician to find out about the correct legislation and how it affects you and your home.

As of January 2017 the legislation has changed, coming up we have created a small video on the main points of the new law and why they have been put in place.

BLOG SOURCE : Taken from the website of Positive Power – Former Brisbane Based Electricians.