Have Halogen Downlights? Are you taking a gamble on your home?

In the early 2000’s Halogen downlights were all the rage, they where cheap, available and easy to install.

Today you can find them throughout homes everywhere in Australia. The problem is though, these lights can burn up to 250 degrees celsius. Due to their ease of install, a large number of Aussies cut costs by installing them DIY in their homes (and in doing so present a huge fire risk in homes).

While the installation is easy, knowing where to put them safely is not. Halogen lights must be installed using a calculated distance between the light and any flammable building materials.

Not sure if your downlight is halogen? Get up close and personal and check out the bulb itself using this checklist to help identify it (make sure it has been allowed to cool before touching it!).

Red Flags

Flickering from the bulb
Burn marks or discolouration of the plastic fitting
Abnormal behaviour from the fitting.

If you notice any of these or simply want a professionals eye to identify andy safety concerns, we recommend you have one of our licensed electricians come out to have a look.

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