How to Eliminate Electrical Hazards for Kids

Toddlers love electrical outlets. Perhaps they resemble a little face to them-they do appear to have eyes and a mouth. Kids imitate their parents too, so maybe they are just trying to help you plug in the iron.

The incidents of electrical shock are eye-opening. On average approximately 2400 kids suffer from severe burns, broken bones and even death each year from electrical injuries. Typically children are exposed to low voltage lessening the severity of the injury. The culprits are commonly extension cords, appliances, and those tasty electrical cords. These cause over 60% of the problem with outlets adding another 15% or more.

Prevention is Easy and Inexpensive

Outlet covers do a fine job of preventing little ones from pushing something inside them. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes but most function the same. There are also covers that prevent unplugging of cords which eliminate another customary source of electrical shock. These work but may not be as user-friendly as adults would like. There is a relatively new product on the market that makes life safer for toddlers and easy for adults. It simply pops inside the wall when not in use and pops out when needed.

Electrical Shock

Replace older versions of outlets and install GFI instead, especially if they are near water. These break the flow of electricity if there is any compromise in performance, such as your tiny fingers interrupting the current.

Limit the use of extension cords and never leave them plugged in if you are not in the room. Check them for damaged areas or breaks in the external covers. Toddlers chew on anything and just a small taste might be all it takes to permanently damage them.

Don’t forget the power strips, either purchase a cover that limits access to the entire thing or plug unused outlets. Electrical cords that attach to appliances such as irons and vacuum cleaners tend to fray exposing the inner wires to everyone, just replace them, it isn’t worth the risk. Keep your toaster unplugged when not in use, they can hold a significant electrical charge for an extended period.

If your child does receive electrical shocks call for emergency help right away. Chances are they will need a tetanus booster at a minimum. Electrical shocks can cause burns, internal injuries, broken bones and disturb the body’s natural electrical pathways. Get them checked out.

Know where your circuit breakers are located in case of emergency. Running around trying to find them could seem like an endless search particularly when someone is being surged with voltage. If you don’t know what kind of outlets you have installed call an electrician to ensure the safety of your kids.