How You Can Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Many conscientious consumers are constantly thinking about what one person can do to reduce the carbon footprint and still enjoy their life. The typical suggestion of walking or using public transportation is not always a realistic option. Similarly, carpooling is just as inconvenient and unlikely to happen.

However, there are things that can help, like pennies in a bucket- these steps add up to significant contributions and reductions.

Driving an electric car all your own can give you the independence and convenience you require while eliminating the co2 emissions.

Use appliances that are energy efficient. You may not be able to replace them now, but as you do check their energy rating.

Turn your lights off when you leave the room and use led bulbs or fluorescents. This is one of the biggest assaults on our environment. You can also use solar panels in many areas. They are an investment and not inexpensive for the initial install, but they pay for themselves in short order.

Insulate your home and caulk every leak. Wasting the energy we have is unnecessary and many places offer incentives for homeowners that comply. Ask your local electric companyfor help, they know all the answers.

Reuse or recycle everything you can. Reports indicate the transport of delivering, picking up and disposing of used items has a huge impact on carbon emissions.

Watering your garden with a trickle system and using water-efficient toilets and shower heads also reduce wasted energy for filtering and treating water.

Nearly 13% of gas emissions are attributed to raising and transporting food products including vegetables. Purchasing locally grown food is one easy way to support the local farmers while reducing that fat carbon footprint.

Now it is suggested that people stop eating meat and consuming dairy products. Not everyone will be eager to take part in this idea. Cows evidently take a lot of resources and are often blamed for carbon emissions, even though they taste really good with a couple of eggs and a big glass of milk.

Do what you can, every bit helps.