Keep your electrical bill down this summer!

Noticed your summer electricity bill creeping up? You won’t be the only one! Reductions in greenhouse gases lead to a reduction in your electrical bill and in summer our omissions are sky high as we chase the cool comfort of our air conditioners in Brisbane’s steamy summer.

So it’s no wonder that we start looking for ways to reduce the bill. Here are some tips, tricks and advice to get your bill back on track without sweating it out this summer!

  • Clean your air conditioner filters (we can even do this for you as part of a hygienic service of your system!)
  • Make sure lights are switched off when not in use, or even better swap your old bulbs out for considerably more efficient LED lighting.
  • Learn when your off-peak period is and use energy heavy appliances like your dishwasher or dryer when you are being charged a cheaper electrical rate.
  • Switch off electrical appliances at the PowerPoint. Standby mode continues to use electricity!

What else can you do?

Every had your home audited by an electrician? You would be surprised how many issues can be resolved by simply learning what consumes more electricity than others. Engaging a qualified electrician like Brisbane Electrical means you can have an end-to-end audit to help you identify ways to curb electricity consumption.

This also provides the opportunity for regular maintenance of your electrical systems keeping your home in excellent working order.

Need help?

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