What is the big deal with LED lights?

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LED Lights

LED lights

LED lights are the latest technology in energy efficient lighting, set to change the way we look at lighting our homes and offices. But how do they work? ‘LED lighting products produce light approximately 90% more efficiently than incandescent light bulbs. An electrical current passes through a microchip, which illuminates the tiny light sources we call LEDs and the result is visible light. To prevent performance issues, the heat LEDs produce is absorbed into a heat sink.’ In the average Queensland home, lighting accounts for about 15% of the total electricity bill so you can see why people are starting to look to LED lighting as an option.

Durable, reliable, eco-friendly, and energy efficient, LED lights, but how do they stack up against traditional lighting?

Energy Australia estimates the lifespan of common home lighting as follows:

Energy Australia
Estimated lifespan
LED 25,000-50,000 hours
CFL 8,000-15,000 hours
Halogen 1,000-5,000 hours
Incandescent 1,000 hours

It quickly becomes clear that LED lights not only outlive traditional bulbs, have superior light quality (of which they hold for longer), come with potential cost savings and run using less energy.
So with so many LED varieties available how are you to know which is right for you?

It’s a great question because choosing LED lights is entirely different from picking up an incandescent. From selecting the right colour temperature to understanding the difference between watts and lumens it be difficult to know exactly what you need.

That’s where we come in, here at Brisbane Electrical we stock high quality, cost-effective LED lighting options that last the distance. We source Australian stock so you know it is made to match your supply perfectly and we install it all to save you the hassel. As LED lighting specialists our staff are knowledgeable and happy to assist you in making the right choice for your home or office. So if your traditional bulbs have burned out, or you are looking for ways to reduce your electricity bill.

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