Pets and electricity – prevention is key!


Everyone loves their pets but when it comes to having them in the home with electricity around there are many things to consider to ensure your family pet is safe around power.

Animals love to chew (particularly puppies) and this means electrical cords are a potential hazard. Try to eliminate access to cords by making them less accessible and visible, try using zip ties to bunch cords together and hiding them behind furniture out of the way. Better yet unplug cords you are not using them, even appliances that are used often. You will save money, and reduce the risk of injury to your pet, yourself or your home.

Make sure you are using high-quality equipment and you never leave your electricals unsupervised. Whilst it may be more affordable to purchase cheaper items the risk of overheating, fire or worse is higher with inexpensive electrical equipment. Fans, lamps or even heaters can cause substantial damage if left unattended.

Finally, if you can, invest some time in training your pet to avoid electrical items providing them with toys to spark their interest and avoid boredom, or even create “an¬†electricity-free zone” and remove anything that could get them into trouble.

If you need assistance with anything electrical, contact the friendly team at Brisbane Electrical, our fleet of electricians are experts in their field and work hard to ensure that your home, family and pets are kept as safe as possible!