Pimp My House : In Ceiling Speakers

Listen up, in ceiling speakers are the new rage and there is a good reason for that. They are the most inconspicuous and effective source of sound for homes and offices alike. They are Specifically Designed to deliver crisp tones equally throughout the space.

There are several models available such as two channels or single channels that come with different features. Some have soft dome swivel tweeters and mica cone woofers while others come with 180-degree positioning tweeters. The choices are limitless so do your homework.

One spec to keep watch for is the maximum power input limits. They vary in range from 90W up to 300W and higher. Watts indicate the safe amount of power the speaker can tolerate without overheating and distorting. This damage can be permanent. Watts per channel provides the information about how much power the amplifier can deliver to the speakers.

Ohms are the other number to be scrutinized in order to get the biggest bang for the bucks. Ohms actually denote impedance, thus the lower the number the higher the current flow. In other words, the impedance determines the output power of the amplifier. That doesn’t mean you need an amp with the highest power outputs, a moderate amount will push most speakers more than adequately. Just be sure you know how to install them correctly otherwise the ceiling make end up looking like a piece of Swiss cheese.

Installation is as varied as the systems themselves. Some come with a swivel lock, other use a hook to secure them and still, others are screwed into to place. Consider the advantages of easy removal for cleaning and painting and repairs before you choose. It’s also nice to have a paintable cover in case your wife wants something other than a white ceiling.

Since installation is often touted as easy DIY type stuff, anyone investing should seriously consider the price of errors. A single incidence of incompatible wiring or equipment mingling could destroy any expected savings. Call your favourite Power company to ask for a bit of professional advice and a fool proof installation.

What most consumers want is audio excellence with superb invisible aesthetics and in ceiling speakers meets all those demands. They aren’t cheap, not the best ones, it is an investment that comes with a warranty of up to five years. They vary from $200.00 to $500.00 for single speakers or dual sets. The price is not necessarily reflective of the quality.