Save money and put your christmas lights on a timer this year.

Electrical Tips
Save money

Christmas is coming and with it, the rising costs of cooling, gifts, Christmas dinner (and if you are heading off a holiday too!). What better way to save money than to turn off those Christmas lights after the neighbourhood can no longer appreciate them?

The problem being unless you’re a fan of staying up till all hours of the night to turn off your lights, you are stuck with limited options.

Opt for a timer

One to save money is to put your Christmas lights on a timer.

The dusk till dawn timer is just what it sounds like, a timer that plugs into your outlet that you plug your Christmas lights into that allows you to:

  • Automatically turn your Christmas lights on when it gets dark
  • Set a time for the lights to turn off

Want to be a little extra?

Ditch the timer altogether for a wifi smart plug and save money!

There are plenty of smart plugs around, one of the wonderful plugs available are the ‘TP-LINK Smart WiFi Plug’ which makes it easy to manage your appliances and turn them on and off from almost anywhere.

Plugs like these go into any available outlet in your home and connects to your existing WiFi network so you can use the smartphone app to control your appliances remotely, view and monitor your appliance’s power usage, create a power schedule, or even configure an Away mode that makes it seem like you’re home when you’re not. Once your device is set up, you can turn your appliances on and off with a simple tap on your smartphone.

So you can enjoy your christmas lights, save money with half the cost (and leave feeling good about your contribution to the enviornment)!

Just another tip from Brisbane Electrical this holiday season!

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