Shocking Surprise for DIY Electricians

No one cares more for DIY electricians than the firefighters and paramedics, after all, they keep them in business. Many homeowners that believe they know enough to perform basic electrical repairs and save the cost of a licensed electrician. That practice is dangerous, and it can be a very expensive lesson.

In most cities, it is outright illegal, and it gives insurance companies a legal path to deny a claim if a fire occurs anywhere in the building. If the tragedy results in death, the homeowner can be held accountable and face huge fines as well as jail time.

DIY electricians often attempt simple tasks like changing out an electrical outlet. It sounds easy. However, even professionals make mistakes and end up with shocking results. (Literally) Some of the most common problems arise from lack of knowledge, and that is why a licensed Brisbane electrician is the only safe solution.

Common Problems

Using the wrong parts for outlet replacements or forcing parts where they don’t belong creates a poor fit. This process allows too much movement when an appliance is plugged in. The slight shifting of wires may cause arcing between the wires and result in a fire.

Overloading the fuse box happens when panels are loaded beyond their intended capacity, an attractive solution for DIY electricians.  Adding breakers or larger fuses compromise the security of your home leading to overheating. A licensed professional Brisbane electrician will be able to determine the amperage, and the proper sized wire required.

A fault in the circuit wiring will cause a breaker to trip or a fuse to blow. Too often the homeowner replaces it with a larger capacity fuse believing this will correct the problem. If the fault is not repaired, it will only cause more problems at an even higher temperature.

The gauge of the wire used is a critical part of electrical safety. Installing a cable on a too small or too large a scale can result in shorting out or overheating. Not many homeowners are educated in wire usage.

DIY Disasters

The knowledge a licensed Brisbane electrician has is well worth the greenbacks, consider it an investment. Just adding a dimmer switch, an artless task can blow the fuses if it’s done wrong. Dimmers control the flow of electricity, should one be added to a compromised wiring system the residents may wake up blowing smoke.

Not so long ago, a neighbour attempted to attach an electrical box that was just dangling in space. The plug was already installed and working well, so he figured he could just screw it into place. He neglected to cut the power source first and got the shock of his life landing on his butt. He was lucky, he survived. He now keeps the number of his electrician in his pocket.

How Electricity Affects the Body

So what happens to the body when it gets a jolt?  Well, it depends on the amount of current or amperes involved, how long the body is exposed to it, and the path the electricity chooses to take.

If an angel is watching the person may receive a tingle or a burn, however, if that angel blinks full on cardiac arrest can occur. Those risks increase when the voltage is high, there is humidity in the air and what stage of contraction your heart is activating.

It only takes a second to happen, that’s why licensed electricians are not cheap. They are the paid professionals that take this risk multiple times a day to do the job right.

Safety Tips

Number one is never to work when power is on. Experienced Brisbane electricians are smart enough to know better, and yet it still happens. Not long ago a man (a DIY electrician) was electrocuted installing a dishwasher. He had watched a video on how to do it yourself and decided to give it a try. You can read the instructions, purchase the parts and still die trying to save a few bucks.

Number two rule is no talking while working. The electrician needs to focus on the job without any distractions. It only takes a moment to get jolted into another universe, so ask all the questions before the work begins.

Number three is to request the electrician to label the fuses or breakers in the panel box. They can identify the area electricity is supplied to and determine if it is sufficient. Request that all lines be locked out when being serviced to prevent accidents.  

DIY electricians may believe that once the work is completed and done correctly, they can get it approved, which is incorrect. The Australian Standard requires a compliance document from the electrician. This document certifies the work meets the requirements and guarantees the work is done properly.  

Don’t accept the word of the person performing the work, check their license to be sure it has not expired or been suspended. Homeowners will know who they hire when they call a Brisbane electrician.