Should you upgrade your switchboard?

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Who’s responsibility is it? When should it be done and how do you know what to do when it comes to assessing, upgrading and replacing meter boxes and switchboards?

Technology has come a long way in Australia when it comes to electricity and in many of our older homes, you can find outdated switchboards and old fuses. Unfortunately for the owners, these are a major cause of house fires. Switchboxes with messy wires or plug-in wires are a dead give away that you are sitting on a switchboard that needs to be replaced.

Other things you might notice is regular tripping of the circuit breaker, timber, or chipboard panels that are not flame resistant framing your board, boards with porcelain fuses, a lack of mains RCD, trip switches or meter isolation links.

But who has the responsibility when it comes to your switchboard?
Electricity is dangerous and while the switchboard, meter enclosure or box, and all wiring inside a home is all the responsibility of the homeowner, you must employ the services of a licenced electrician in order to get clarification on your needs, it’s state of health (and of course to do the work if action is required).

Noticed one of the concerns above and want to check it out?
Choose Life! Safety switches are people protection and they save lives. They monitor electricity flow detect imbalances and cuts power before you get the chance of an electric shock.

If you need your safety switch checked, contact us at Brisbane Electrical. We are licenced and insured master electricians and have the expertise to provide you with the best quality advice.

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