Use Smartphones to Automate your Home and Office

Positive Power Australia strives to be innovative and at the forefront with cutting-edge technologies. Mobile applications and the latest smartphones make our daily lives more convenient. These technologies can also serve to make your home or workplace as efficient as possible too.

Household and office automation is not a new concept. Thermostats, garage doors, elevators and even refrigerators that produce ice cubes and cold water upon the press of a button are now commonplace. However, home and office automation has been elevated to a new level with generation digital controls built right into manufacturing processes. These latest products range from robot vacuum cleaners to temperature and security settings that you can control right from your smartphone.

The “Internet of Things”

The foundation of true home automation is a wireless network that connects a series of electronic appliances and interfaces with the Operating System (OS) of your smartphone. Usually connected by a single program, the wireless network sends out radio frequency (RF) signals to the selected device, achieving a response and allowing the user to control it remotely as desired. Technical professionals have begun to refer to this setup between electronic appliances and Web-linked devices as the “Internet of Things.”

Once activated, your smartphone can be integrated with numerous automated systems throughout your home, including:

  • Light switches (for remote dimming and brightening);
  • The front and back door (through a keyless entry system);
  • Indoor heating and air conditioning;
  • Motorised blinds;
  • Water heaters;
  • And so many other options
smart home automation network of controls

Proper Installation

Some of these connections require specific electronic products to supplement a wireless connection, including specialty plugs and monitors. It’s imperative that consumers know which products are best for automating their home—and that means choosing the right source for technical advice.

Positive Power Australia is a company that offers more than domestic and industrial electrical services in the Brisbane area. We also deliver first-rate, experience-tested advice on how to approach and employ the latest electronics in any client’s home, from entertainment systems to the newest models for home automation. No matter what brand of smartphone you carry or the kind of appliances you have at home,we provide clients with professional consultations regarding automating everything that matters, from temperature control to indoor security and more…

Here’s a thought, imagine you’re out late, just say at a friend’s place and you intended to be back at home before dark because you didn’t leave any lights on. Imagine you had access through your smartphone to turn on the front door light, lounge room light and maybe even the radio. Now that’s great thinking and makes everything seem so much easier. All you need is a consultation on how we can make your life easier with saving you time and money on what works best for you and your budget.

Installing electronic and wireless connections into your home’s appliances is no easy task. Even with the most cost-effective devices at your disposal, knowing how to set up your new home network—let alone operate it—isn’t something you should always try on your own. That’s why you call a specialist like us, to consolidate what are the best options for your requirements.

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At Positive Power Australia, we always welcome our customers’ input and feedback. Do you have any questions about whether smartphone automation is right for your home or office? Has installing such a device profoundly impacted your quality of life or your business? Please share your thoughts with us!

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