Weirdest things Electricians have found on the job

Our profession is not for the faint-hearted. Brisbane Electricians often get more than what we bargain for due to an abundance of critters that love to enjoy our warm Queensland climate with us.

From fried geckos to crispy snakes, here we’ll outline some not so uncommon and cringe worthy discoveries. It’s important to stay on your toes when it comes to your electrics, even more so in Queensland. We’re really sorry about number five; but it had to be included.

Thankfully for our clients, we are one Brisbane Electrical firm that won’t shy away from a challenge.

Electrician Brisbane versus Asian Gecko

Fried Asian Gecko anyone? Many believe these harmless sticky-footed little lizards are an asset to their home, as they expertly hunt bugs, moths, cockroaches and small spiders. They love to hang out on your walls and your Air-Conditioner is their perfect refuge. They wriggle into the small spaces next to your circuit boards and often electrocute themselves, destroying your circuit board in the process. Allowing gecko’s to nest in your AC’s is an expensive form of bug control and all too common. The solution? Regular cleaning and maintenance will help; but the best bet is to discourage gecko’s from getting too comfortable in your abode.

Dishwasher not operating as it used to?

As a Brisbane electrician we can confirm that even the cleanest of houses can cop an infestation of cockroaches, much to the owner’s horror. This image, shared by ABC News, is proof that if you have regular cockroach appearances, chances are they have a nest nearby, and possibly in one of your appliances. This is particularly common in rentals where the property has been vacant for a while or where the occupant doesn’t regularly use their appliances. Even when not in use, a thorough clean by a professional is advised to try and keep these opportunistic insects at bay.

Electrician get’s quite a shock and not from the Electricity“It turned on and off and it released a strong smell,” said the client. Sounds like a regular call out, yes? The Electrician who attended to examine his clients’ PS4 was less than delighted to find a crispy snake had ventured inside the system and fused with internal circuits. Needless to say the client has probably put his gaming aside for the time being. The solution? Sometimes there is just no preventing some of our sneaky wild friends from taking refuge in our electrical goods. It’s just best to be on the ball and ready for anything when it comes time to investigate.

What did rat’s and mice chew on before electrical wiring was invented?

Brisbane Electricians battle this on a daily basis. Roof cavities and walls are the perfect nesting space for rats and mice and for many years you may have no idea they’re even there. During this time they can do immense damage to your electrical wiring and are a frequent culprit to electrical woes. Even if you’re not aware of any problems, when you’re in need of an electrician for another item, it can be good preventative practise to get your wiring checked and inspect your roof for any signs of vermin, particularly if you have an older home.

Time to burn down and rebuild – Duke Cruise

We do apologise for reminding you of this viral image from 2015 that had social media running for the hills. Meter reading has never been the same. First posted on Reddit, then picked up by numerous other publications including the Daily Mail, this beautiful doting mum was found in a QLD meter box at an unknown location. Could it be your house? First captioned with “Energy Australia was unable to read your meter,” the Internet went berserk with hilarious comments.

“G’day mate, I’m here to read your – NOPE.” – Ben Mansfield

“Excuse me, there seems to be an energy meter on your spider.” – Nivek Tsay

A Utility Services provider in Canada quoted “Utility workers in Australia sure have different safety challenges than ours.” Yep. However, we’re glad we don’t have bears.

One user offered a helpful solution, to hang a flea collar in your meter box to deter spiders and insects. We don’t know if this works; but anything is worth a try to avoid coming face-to-face with this isn’t it?

An Electrician’s job is never boring and we take most obstacles in our stride. Savvy homeowners keep on top of their electrical health by enlisting us to carry out regular maintenance and inspections on their homes. This can go a long way in ensuring damage and infestations are kept to a minimum. Even the most thick-skinned, nature loving sparky will occasionally have the fright of their life when poking around in the confined spaces of our beautiful Brisbane homes. We’re happy to do that, so that you don’t have to.