What are the signs the wiring in your home is unsafe?

  • Lightbulbs are burning out too early (when things like insulation, wattage, bad wiring on the circuit or mains etc have been excluded).
  • Frequent Electrical Surges (not caused by lightning, downed power lines or things like damaged equipment)
  • Overly and consistently high electricity bills (even after swapping to another provider and correcting the above issues).
  • Dimmer switches that just don’t work properly
  • You have received an electrical shock (similar to an static shock)



From simple electrical faults and repairs to a complete electrical overhaul of your home or place or workplace, our team can help 24/7.  Brisbane Electrical has the expertise, knowledge and reliable old fashioned service that can get the job done safely. Servicing Brisbane and surrounding suburbs we can ensure your home’s wiring and fittings are updated to the highest level, providing you with a reliable electricity supply and, most importantly, peace of mind.

We value high quality and reliable parts and so we only ever use quality parts endorsed for use in Australia and offer a full warranty on all of our work.

If you live in an older home or a house with wiring and fittings that have not been checked or upgraded, we can conduct a fault finding assessment on your current wiring system and carry out repairs on faults where needed, to all wirings and fittings.  Older wiring in homes is not only unsafe carrying risks of electric shock, electrocution and fire, but can also cause regular problems with your power supply.

Put your safety and the safety of those you love, in Brisbane Electricals skilled and capable hands. With years of experience servicing Brisbane and it’s surrounding suburbs we have the team available to help you get your power supply working  properly and efficiently

Why Choose Brisbane Electrical? Because we care about our clients!

Here at Brisbane Electrical, we are Electricians in Brisbane and believe that old-fashioned customer service and value for money are key to happy clients.

As a bricks and mortar Australian owned and operated small business it is important for us to ensure our clients experience the highest quality service every time.

We will always:

Electricians Brisbane Come to you saving you time and money
Electricians Brisbane Provide the highest quality service at and affordable price
Electricians Brisbane Be on time and on budget
Electricians BrisbaneAlways be professional & respectful
Electricians Brisbane Clean up after ourselves


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