Why you should care about hiring a licenced AC installer!

It might seem like a no brainer, but it’s often overlooked. Installing, repairing, and servicing AC units is a technical process which requires a qualified, skilled and most importantly licenced professional to get the job done.

Now that we have got your attention, the most important thing to note is that the handling of refrigerant gases associated with AC units without a licence is illegal. Poor workmanship, working with gases and electricity with no license can put yourself, your family and your home at risk. What’s more, if your AC unit is handled by an illegal installer then you will lose your product warranty, so its important to work with reputable dealers and resellers to get the job done properly!

Here’s a few important tips to get you clued up on hiring a licenced installer and what to look out for.


The Australian Refrigeration Council issues two types of licences. Full Refrigeration and Air conditioning (RAC) Licence permits its holder to work with any air conditioning system of any cooling capacity and undertake any aspects of installation, service, repair and maintenance.

A holder of a restricted license known as a Restricted Heat Pump (Split System) Installation and Decommissioning License is qualified to work only with single split system of less than 18kW cooling capacity. They are not qualified and not permitted to install multi split systems or carry out service repair or maintenance of any split system air conditioner. Based on the AC unit size and type of AC system that you are installing, you will need to keep this in mind.


To verify that your installer’s holds the correct licence type to carry out installation of your AC system, you can visit Australia’s online check facility – www.lookforthetick.com.au . By simply entering the installer’s license number and his/ her surname you’ll be able to see if their licence is valid and current. You can also ask to see your installer’s Refrigerant Handling License Card which will detail the services that they are qualified to perform.


These are credit card sized and contain a few important details, namely: the contractor or business’s name, registered address, licence number, expiry date and restrictions or class of license.

Image Credit: www.arctick.org

If it seems to be too good to be true, it probably is. An unlicensed installer will generally quote a very low rate to get the job – this is also why its important to have other quotes to compare this too. Quite often, they aren’t willing to put pen to paper and will provide verbal quotes and ask for large deposits. Also, be sure to check and ask for their references, if they are unlicensed then there is a good chance that they have none!

Finally, with health and safety in mind, it really does make sense to consult with a reputable reseller or dealer to ensure that you get the best installer for the job. With years of industry experience and a wealth of knowledge, they can offer you some great advice to ensure that the installation process of your AC unit is a pleasant one.

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